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Small Shift Big Wins

My mission is to help anyone who struggles to make permanent healthy lifestyle shifts in their lives by guiding you through self-discovery to good health. 

Before we can be nourished through food, nutrition and movement, we must work through those things about us that inhibit growth. My goal is to create a judgement free space for you to help you connect with and access your own personal strength on your wellness journey. 

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My name is Ian and I started Winsome Health Coaching with the goal of being the change that I wanted to see in this world. What started as a personal passion to get well has evolved into a personal mission to help others connect with a lifestyle filled with great health.


I'm Glad Your Here!

So I can help you celebrate your small shifts to big wins!              

The main thing that I have connected up with through many years of small shifts and back slides is this idea that getting healthy is not just a one and done kind of thing. 

When we really know who we are and prioritize the things we value, we find success with those health plans that have eluded us for so long! 

I personally understand the daily struggle and hopelessness that pops up over and over during a wellness journey. 

We were put here thrive and not just survive. Living hopeless and dejected is not how we best serve ourselves and the world around us. 

This is my mission here, to create a judgement free zone, where you know yourself better than anyone and to leverage my own journey and small wins to help you create lasting lifestyle change. 


Want to learn more about my journey and how I am living the lifestyle I always wanted?  


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Small Shifts Over Time = New Habits

Meeting You Where YOU are at - ALWAYS


  • Are you tired of treating conditions that don't improve? Root cause focus. 

  • Do you desire growth and deep satisfaction in your life? 

  • Are you fearing change and grasping to stability? 

  • Do you want to consciously create your own life? 

  • Are you lacking passion and a sense of purpose? 


  • Are you stuck in unhealthy patterns? 

  • Would you like to find the right balance between freedom and discipline? 

  • Do health plans fall off quickly? 

  • Do you prioritize convenience over health? 

  • Do you feel that your priorities could use some re-adjustment?

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Foundational Wellness

Do you suffer from any of these chronic issues? 

  • Heartburn and/or acid reflux

  • Anxiety

  • Energy & Fatigue

  • Constipation & Diarrhea

  • Gas and bloating

  • Can't shed abdominal fat

  • Cravings

  • On/Off fad diets

  • Acne or eczema

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Long lasting symptoms that don't go away


  • Would you like learn to exercise in a way that works for you? 

  • Do you find it hard to enjoy exercise? 

  • Are you open to how you define and view exercise? 

  • Do you sit down for long periods during your day? 

  • Would you like live an active lifestyle while you build muscles and strengthen your bones? 

So Much More Than Food 

As an NTP, we focus holistically on the body and always recognize that everyone is made up differently. These are the five foundations: 

  • Digestion

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Fatty Acid Balance

  • Mineral Balance

  • Hydration

The Triad of Wellness




  • In depth intake

  • Food journal analysis

  • Food sensitivities

  • Tailored protocols

  • Meal planning & prepping

  • Grocery shopping guidance

  • Kitchen guidance

  • Workshops 

  • Education

  • Health

  • Mindset

  • Lifestyle

  • Spiritual

  • Habits & Change

  • Values

  • Goals

  • Your Why's

  • Program design

  • Demonstration & Instruction

  • Equipment guidance

  • Local or remote video calls

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Ready to live your fullest life?