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Gandhi once said that our beliefs shape our destiny. Philosophy built on beliefs that resonate with us is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves and the world around us.


I spent many decades working out how to build a life that captured my inner core values and philosophy. I got lost a lot through my journey AND I am still growing everyday. 

My path has winded a lot and has taken me through many stops that have contributed to a life perspective, that has helped me to connect with people on a deeper level. I understand the very core of the physical and mental resiliency that is a must when working through autoimmunity challenges. Without a doubt being part of one of the most grueling branches of service - the Marine Corps, it gave me a great of view of what the human mind, body and spirit is capable of.  


We are all a work in progress and it will never all get done. This is the fundamental concept that I pull myself back to daily and its a powerful one. Its liberating and freeing to come to an understanding that I am not alone in this and that I can let go of the idea of perfection. 

This is why I am here today in front of you telling my story. To let you know that you are not alone on your journey and that there are many facets of getting well that involves so much more than just food & nutrition. 

Back in 2015, I came to my own crossroads that challenged me like I hadn't been before. I spent many years working through autoimmunity and finally came to a place of acceptance. Getting to this point was not easy! 


This decline really started following a series of family tragedies, that brought me to a point of needing a reset. I had just experienced a perfect storm of sorts that saw me lose fifty pounds in a few short months. This was foreign territory for me. I was terribly ill and had very little energy to accomplish even the simplest daily tasks and the idea of trying to do it all only added to my fatigue.


I tried many different modalities, different doctors, different protocols, different restrictive diets, different books and any other rabbit hole I could climb down to find answers. The problem was, this was the opposite of letting go and its what I thought I had to do to get well! 


Something miraculous happened along the way though. I realized that I was taking away my own power and most importantly hope by trying to control every single aspect of this. My journey took me through learning about nutrition and the body as well as really understanding autoimmunity. I thought I was on the upward part of this and would be humbled many times over the next few years as things just didnt get better. 


As I made life shifts, I still held onto life philosophies that didnt contribute to wellness though. Through my studies I flipped into a mode of hyper vigilance where I spent the better part of five years restricting and tweaking joy out of my life. I was spiritually thirsty. My diet was about as clean as I could make it, but I was still backsliding with my health. My supplement list was growing too.  I read, studied, attended, listened, denied, rejected and just carried a huge burden everyday. I got caught up in it all! 

This is the biggest thing I can offer to anyone is my experience and the empathy that has filled me for others through it. Its so easy to get ourselves into a deep deep hole of despair when we try to control everything. Loosening the control doesnt mean we are giving up. In fact it means, that we are showing up for ourselves. 

Today, I feel that I am in a place to help others with balance in life. My own experiences highlighted to me that none of us are meant to control everything in our lives. In fact, the only thing we can really control is our perception of life and our habits. Through the experience of getting really ill, digging out and getting better, moving into a control based mindset where my body pushed back on me as much as I pushed on it to come back to a place of acceptance,  peace and wellness! 


Change is tough and we all need someone at times to be able to help us to change how we see our world. Having someone hold space for you is so important. This is my sincerest hope, is that we can connect up and start the process of focusing on what's really important and even more important how to do it.


You have great strength inside of you and I want more than anything to be able to help you connect up with this while you build the healthy lifestyle that you have always desired! 

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